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'Sketch' 18ct yellow gold Wrap Ring - A favourite of Gem Gossip Blogger Danielle - 

'I choose that ring because it is so unique—it looks as though someone painted a brush-stroke encircled on one's finger in solid gold!  So pretty!'

‘Pick of the Month’ from Freelance Fashion Editor and blogger, Bel Jacobs 

"I love the combination of elements in this ring, the contrast of textures and the way the colours move from the ethereal - the light blue and the green - to the redness of the antique beads, encased in a duller metal. It looks at once like a study of nature - the sea and the sky, volcanic elements in the middle of the earth - and something that might have been crafted by Celts."

Musician Ellie Goulding wearing various gold and diamond rings from the Lustre and Midas collections.

Premiere Classe Feb 2014 - Favourite Jewellery Designers from this year. Tzuri Gueta - a wonderful unique collection with the use silicone and textiles -  Miss Bibi for their quirky pieces, as though they were taken from a dolls house. Satellite Paris - the beautiful Montmatre brooch with black pearls. Noritamy for their stand out pieces using quality metals with other materials such as wood and stone. 

Ethiopia - Formations in wood I photographed while trekking in Dodola the Bale Mountains in January. Incredible natural inspiration, one of the most beautiful places I have visited.

Jewellery of the Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia - 

This Christmas I have been having quite an adventure in a land very far from home, Ethiopia.  During my visit I have been to some tribal areas in the Lower Omo Valley. Meeting some incredible people and ways of life. I wanted to share some of the different jewellery styles from some of the different tribes I visited.