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Premiere Classe Feb 2014 - Favourite Jewellery Designers from this year. Tzuri Gueta - a wonderful unique collection with the use silicone and textiles -  Miss Bibi for their quirky pieces, as though they were taken from a dolls house. Satellite Paris - the beautiful Montmatre brooch with black pearls. Noritamy for their stand out pieces using quality metals with other materials such as wood and stone. 

Ethiopia - Formations in wood I photographed while trekking in Dodola the Bale Mountains in January. Incredible natural inspiration, one of the most beautiful places I have visited.

Jewellery of the Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia - 

This Christmas I have been having quite an adventure in a land very far from home, Ethiopia.  During my visit I have been to some tribal areas in the Lower Omo Valley. Meeting some incredible people and ways of life. I wanted to share some of the different jewellery styles from some of the different tribes I visited.

I would love my walls to adorn some of the work of the artist Cornelia O’Donovan. She incorporates folklore and poetry on both canvas and ceramics reminiscent of rustic medieval tapestries - beautiful.

The Cheapside Hoard, London’s Lost Jewels - this exhibition at the Museum of London displays the collection of unearthed jewels in its entirety, known as the most important source of knowledge on early modern jewellery worldwide. It explores the mysteries as to why these treasures were hidden and why it was never reclaimed. A must see exhibition and one I am looking forward to going back to.